EXCLUSIVE “You’re Not My Kind of Girl” Video from the New Edition BET Mini-Series


Wow, so where do I begin with this one?  Ok.  So New Edition is my favourite group of all time.  Their “You’re Not My Kind Of Girl” video is my favourite music video of all time, and is probably the best of it’s kind ever made (just as Beyonce who channelled it for her “Love On Top” video).  So BET has been working all year on The New Edition biopic that will be aired over three nights starting January 24, 2017.  In my opinion, the first telling of this iconic group should’ve been a feature film, but I digress.  New Edition still tours and are still together today despite there most successful album, Heart Break being released 28 years ago, and still bumps today.

I choreographed a lip sync performance to this song, using this video back in 1999.  We worked on it for weeks, and we nailed it.  Our second, not as tight performance is on YouTube somewhere and shouldn’t even be mentioned in this post but it was a major part of my life and was pivotal in my development as a performer.  I had mixed feelings watching these new guys do what we did in 1989 (emulate the greats), but with the amazing stage, and updated video angles, and clips of the mini-series cut into it, I got chills watching this.  I hope you will too.

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