LeToya Luckett is Making a Strong Case “In The Name Of Love”

I know I’m late but:  First, kudos to LeToya who understands the value of a great music video to complete your art.  A lot of artists are missing this point.  Because of this video and “Back To Life”, I’m actually going to check out the entire album.  Not because it’s the most phenomenal music I’ve heard (it’s not), but because this artist is appealing to the masses by speaking about things that are real:  relationships and love, and depicting (in both videos) some of the issues, questions, and answers that we all experience as we try to figure out the conundrum that is Love.  Thanks, LeToya for fighting for it, and also for not giving up on trying to emerge from the tremendous shadow that Destiny’s Child cast on your talent.  It is inspirational.  It’s a great song, and a long video, but definitely worth the watch, stay until the end.

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