SEXYBLACK INTRO: August Rigo & Lenny De La Pena

I’ve had my ear on this cat out of Toronto for a good part of a year.  He has a great sound.  He is out of the T-Dot.  Recently, I’ve reconnected with my boy, Lenny De La Pena.  Now back in the day, I knew him as one of the sickest choreographers in Toronto.  All achieved through hard work and dedication.  Lenny has transcended once again to become one of the newest, freshest video directors on the scene.  Lenny is a visionary.  He’s done a few of August Rigo’s videos.  This one features Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga’s guitarist).  It’s called “Call My Name” and it is dope as f$ck.  Check it out below:

Look out for hot ish from both of these cats in 2014.

Subscribe to Lenny’s YouTube channel here.

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