May 2018

Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker star in Biggie/2Pac Murder flick, “City of Lies”

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"City of Lies" is an American biographical crime thriller that is based on the book LAbyrinth by Randall Sullivan about the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher (Notorious BIG) Wallace.  It is slated for release in the fall and the trailer looks like it will have a lot of not commonly known info and some [...]

“Whitney” Trailer drops… looks amazing.

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I've been looking forward to the proper telling of this amazing life story.  It premieres today in Cannes, and opens everywhere else on July 6, 2018.  I, for one, can't wait.  Whitney Houston broke more music industry records than any other female singer in history.  She also starred in several blockbusters before her career gave [...]

February 2018

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February 2017

New Edition Performs “Popcorn Love” in 1983

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Although, I've never seen this performance, I've been down with NE from the start.  I remembering going to the library to sign out this album in 1987.  They were overshadowed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in the early 80's.  Only a few black acts got international coverage.  But the talent came through by the [...]

October 2016

Sara Bareilles gets Inside the Mind of Barack Obama re: Donald Trump, Leslie Odom Jr. Sings It

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This is songwriting.  Sara Bareilles is quickly becoming one of the greatest songwriters of our time, with hits like "Brave", "Love Song", and her most recent album, What's Inside:  Songs From a Waitress featuring the hits "She Used To Be Mine", and "Door Number Three", and my favorite "Bad Idea" with Jason Mraz. For This American Life, [...]

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