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I met Mark Yeung a few years back through a friend.  Him and his girl Sandra are a part of my TIFF group (we have similar taste in movies so we go to Toronto International Film Festival screenings together every year), fun crew.  Last year, while waiting in line for one of the many Midnight Madness screenings that we go to we connected on Instagram

[mainly because I wanted to check out his friend, local fashion designer, Zachariah Milana (owner of The Feral)‘s Instagram], and Mark had posed in some of the gear I wanted to check out.  Over the next few weeks, while going through my feed, I saw amazing photography.  But that was normal.  I follow several great photography accounts as I have always been a fan of capturing life’s most beautiful aspects.  The difference now was that some of the best shots I was seeing in my feed were being created by someone I knew personally.  Eventually, I stopped fighting the urges I felt whenever I went to his timeline, and I asked him if I could purchase one of his pieces to blow up and put on a canvas block on my wall (his work is THAT good).

I recently chatted with Mark about what makes him …click:

Hey Mark, thanks so much for the Purple Rain shot that I got from you.  I love it.  For some reason, it spoke to me.  Your composition is impeccable.  You really do have a gift.  What equipment do you mainly use to capture this magic?

MY:  Thanks, man.  I appreciate it. I’ve sold a few prints, but yours was the first canvas.  Lately, I have been using the Leica Q.

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MY:  It was my first time in Bangkok and I was just amazed by the colour and  richness of their history and architecture.


What inspires you?

MY:  Travelling and seeing the world.

MY:  I was home and it just rained and as I looked out the window, the sky was a perfect shade of deep purples and blues and I just had to capture that moment.


Where do you see beauty and is that what you’re trying to capture or is it something else?

MY: Honestly, it’s the lighting and the colour around me.  I aim to capture a feeling or emotion in mundane or overlooked areas.

MY:  We were walking around a local market in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and wandered into a maze of alleys with cubby sized homes and stalls.  It was a quiet little hidden city away from the hustle and bustle of the city just a few steps away.


To me, Mark does just that, he sheds light on overlooked areas, and sometimes, overlooked souls, check out a few more samples and then, if you want to enrich your feed with some quality feels brought to you by quality photographic art, give him a follow here.

MY:  This was in the Bangkok airport.  I just loved the architecture of the terminal, especially the symmetry, the lines and just the sheer size of the place.


MY:  It was the night of the snowstorm and my buddy @theferal_child (who has an amazing men’s fashion line, The Feral) and I were inspired to go out and do a shoot.


Breathtaking stuff.


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