Bruno Mars tributes groundbreaking sketch comedy show “In Living Colour” with “Finesse”

Bruno Mars gets it.  Some people, these days, half-ass their concept pieces, maybe because it’s just a gimmick to sell records and their heart really isn’t in it.  But Bruno has been consistent since the first vocoded notes of “24K Magic” that we heard over a year ago to the amazing slow jam, “Versace On The Floor“.  The saga continues with a little help from Cardi B.

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Peep the remix to “Finesse” above which is a straight-up tribute to a ground-breaking show that I first saw on my first trip to Brooklyn back in 1990.  The video emulates the opening credits of In Living Colour and the dance sequence was also shot on the exact same set.  The show was huge.  It is responsible for bringing you the Wayans Brothers, Jim Carrey, and most notably, Jennifer Lopez.  But more important than that, it, more than any other show, brought young urban culture into your living room weekly and paved the way for shows like Living Single starring Queen Latifah, and The Fresh Prince of Belair starring Will Smith.  In Living Colour was first, and remains incredibly important.

Look, as far as I’m concerned, give Bruno all the Grammys right now.

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