New Edition Performs “Popcorn Love” in 1983

Although, I’ve never seen this performance, I’ve been down with NE from the start.  I remembering going to the library to sign out this album in 1987.  They were overshadowed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in the early 80’s.  Only a few black acts got international coverage.  But the talent came through by the time their self-titled sophomore album dropped in 1984.  Once I heard that, I was in…. for life.  It’s still a classic.  “Popcorn Love” is off their first album “Candy Girl”.  Here’s rare footage that was just cleared for release as a result of all the attention they’re getting from the pretty well done “New Edition Story” biopic produced by BET.


NE fans like me have waited a long time for this film and it was well worth the wait.  And because of the attention it has garnered, all 6 members of New Edition are going back to the studio to record a new album with the architects of their best release, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.  It just feels good when talent gets it’s due.  Especially in this industry.  I can’t wait for that album.

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